What is the ALOUD challenge?

The ALOUD challenge is simple and anyone can participate – 30 days, no alcohol.

Why take the ALOUD challenge?

As we all know, there are long-standing norms in our society about drinking and underage drinking in particular.

The 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that among high school students, during the past 30 days

39% drank some amount of alcohol

22% binge drank

8% drove after drinking alcohol

24% rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol

By taking the challenge and not drinking alcohol for 30 days, we challenge many of these norms.  Not “everyone is doing it” and it’s not a “rite of passage.”  There are many healthy ways to socialize, celebrate and just go about our lives that do not involve alcohol.

In addition, some who take the challenge may find it more difficult than they first thought.  For those, the ALOUD challenge can be a way to gain access to community resources – whether that’s an assessment or evaluation, treatment or just an opportunity to seek answers to questions regarding substance abuse for themselves or a loved one.


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