Who We Are

Learn more about the Alliance on Underage Drinking

ALOUD was organized in 1999 through the inspiration of Dallas Police Chief, Ben Click, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas, Paul Coggins and Highland Park Department of Public Safety Chief, Darryl Fant.  They organized a community response after more than 200 high school students were arrested at a Deep Ellum warehouse beer party.  Founding members were a group of community leaders and concerned citizens who were motivated to change the social norms regarding underage alcohol consumption.

ALOUD represents a collaborative effort that is based on the simple premise that local people are in the best position to solve specific local problems.  People are more likely to support what they help create and change is most likely to occur when the process engages many sectors of a community in a collaborative approach.  ALOUD is comprised of representatives from schools, universities, health care providers, business, law enforcement, faith-based community, youth, families, youth services, media, government and social services.  The coalition uses evidence-based environmental strategies to reduce the incidence and impact of underage and binge drinking, as well as its secondary focuses of marijuana and prescription drug abuse.

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